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Everyone comes to a lawyer with a problem they can't solve. We exist to solve that problem. You may ask yourself, What's in it for me? How can I benefit from law firm and it's services.? We are glad you asked that question in your head. We strive to do our best work, all of the time and our clients sometimes leave reviews to let people know how we performed. Please see the reviews below and make your own decision. We are ready to help if you need us.

Saved A Life

5.0 stars

Posted by M.Smith 

Mr. Woods is an AWESOME lawyer. I don't know what Jesus came down and told him to say. I witnessed his excellence on a Monday morning. The courtroom was packed and everyone was worried about their cases. His client was facing 15 years in prison and had a lot of charges. Mr. Woods got every single charge dropped and in the end he got his client probation. The entire family was there and everyone was so happy. The other people in the courtroom where asking who the lawyer was and running after him to ask for help. There is no question in my mind. If you are really in trouble call The Woods Law Firm. They are the best at this.

Fast Response, Perfect Service

5.0 stars

Posted by Nick 

I really needed some help quickly. So I called The Woods Law Firm at 4:00 pm on a Monday and had court the next morning at 9AM. I hired Freddy on the spot after talking to him on the phone. He met me after hours at his office and got everything signed and ready for the next morning. He appeared at court and was well known by the judge and the prosecutor. My case was thrown out the same day and he followed up to make sure it was taken off of my record. You can't argue with success, Mr. Woods knows his stuff and hiring him was the smart thing to do!


5.0 stars

Posted by AB 

When I hired Mr. Woods to represent me in a really important DUI case his professionalism and commitment to helping me during this time was beyond my expectation. We met and discussed my case 3 times and he prepared me for trial. My wife and I asked him many questions and he was always accessible to answer them. When we went to court he was prepared and ready to argue my case. During trial he made a motion and recommendation to the court and got my case completely dismissed. I went back to work, my family was happy and I look forward to Christmas without being worried about charges. If you really need help this is the man to call!!!! 


5.0 stars

Posted by JC 

Mr. Woods got me a great settlement in my accident case. He was courteous, kind, and professional. When I really needed help! he was there to make it right! 

I Highly Reccomend!

5.0 stars

Posted by Hanna 

I am extremely satisfied with the entire experience I had with The Woods Law Firm. Attorney Woods and his entire staff were always professional, informative, and caring. I was always able to get assistance when needed and Mr. Woods made himself available whenever I had a question or simply wanted an update. I was instantly impressed by his confidence and knowledge regarding my case and the steps he was going to take to win. In conclusion, all charges were dropped and I could not be more happy with the results and my experience with Mr. Woods and his entire staff. I would recommend this lawyer to anyone in need and I am confident you will be very happy with your selection.

Powerful. Highly Regarded. Cool & Confident

5.0 stars

Posted by A.F.M. 

My lawyer, Freddy Woods, is the only person my family will call for legal help. Mr. Woods has represented us in car accident and criminal cases through the years. He gets a great results and his attention to detail is excellent. I've seen him in trial and he is incredible.

When you call him he takes control of everything from the first minute and puts your mind at ease. He is efficient and organized and you never have to worry about a thing. I can't thank him enough for the work he has done for us. Simply Stellar !!!

This review is feedback from people who have hired this attorney.

Amazing Lawyer

5.0 stars

Posted by Willie 

I hired Attorney Woods for my DUI case. Mr. Woods went above and beyond with handling my case. He was very knowledgeable and answered all of my questions. He kept me in the loop on all the proceeds and progressions. We went to court and he already had everything taken care of. I could not be more happy with his services and I would without a doubt recommend him to any and everyone one who needs a criminal defense lawyer.

First Class Lawyer !!!

5.0 stars

Posted by L.R. 

I hired Mr. Woods to represent me in an Arson case with other charges. He wwas very smart and professional and his follow-up was excellent. He represented me vigorously at court and always did a great job. He got my case dropped and the charges dismissed. he was a good lawyer and worth every dollar I paid! A few months later he and his staff even sent me a birthday card on my birthday and its the little things like that which really matter and made me feel appreciated. Yes, I recomment him and I was very pleased and happy with my results!


5.0 stars

Posted by TS 

I got into some trouble and needed somebody good. There was a hometown lawyer that charged a ridiculous fee to represent people. I had a .17 and I blew into the breath machine. Mr. Woods came well recommended and I called him. I was gonna lose my job and was gonna just lose everything. So Mr. Woods made me feel like everything was gonna be okay. He got my license back within a week. He represented me out of county and for the next 11 months he would go to court, tell me the progress that he made and work it all out. He called me on father's day when I was eating with my parents and told me the good news that he had thrown the whole DUI out. My father actually started crying at the table because he was so happy and had been so worried about me and my career. I never went to court and didn't have to anything, no classes or anything else to do. I'm working now in a professional position and I owe Mr. Woods for that. My record is clean and so is my life moving forward. I encourage you to call him if you need help. Thanks Mr. Woods!!!

Back to work.

5.0 stars

Posted by JeremyMurphree 

Man, trust me - you do NOT want to get into the kind of trouble I was in when I met Freddy..... I was polite to everyone during the situation and stayed very patient. Attorney Woods Esquire TOOK CARE OF BUSINESS. Wow, whew.... man. I feel sooooo much better now. Yeah, obviously I recommend my lawyer. Anyone who knows Freddy Woods would!

Amazing Lawyer & Excellent Service :)

5.0 stars

Posted by T.H. 

I really needed a lawyer after I got into some real trouble. I told a friend of mine what happened and she referred me to Mr. Woods. I called his office and left a message with his assistant and he called me right back like one minute later. I talked to him for about 20 minutes and he answered all of my questions. I felt my life was over and I was embarrassed to tell him my story. I felt guilty for getting in trouble with the law but he never once made me feel bad about it. He treated me like a person who made a mistake and not like a criminal as the police made me feel. I had been depressed and couldn't sleep for days but after I talked to him I felt better. I said I would think about everything but 30 minutes later, I called him right back and hired him and I'm glad I did. The first looming court date was postponed until he got the evidence, then he explained everything to me and what was going to happen at the next court date. He was cool and comfortable at court and seemed to know everybody. Bottom line, we went to court, he won the case, I didn't go to jail and I went back to my life. I am never getting into trouble again, it was too stressful but Mr. Woods was a lifesaver. If you need a lawyer, hire Mr. Woods, he is a good lawyer and his skill let me live again.

Honest & Awesome Lawyer !

5.0 stars

Posted by I.J. 

I was facing a DUI Charge after driving home one night. I was scared and upset because I had never gotten in any type of legal trouble in my life. The officer pulled me over, had me perform some tests and put me in jail. I had to sleep with one eye open on a thin mat in a cold and smelly jail until the next morning and I never wanted to go back. I looked online an found Mr. Woods. He talked to me like a person, not like a lawyer and explained what I was looking at. I hired him and he said, "don't worry, get some sleep tonight, I've got this." First of all, Mr. Wods is really friendly and straight talking and really easy to reach. I could call him and text him anytime that I had a question and he would give me an answer and encouragement, which I really needed throughout this court process. I was hoping to just have the case reduced and not have a DUI so that I could keep my job but Mr. Woods got the case dismissed at court ! I was so excited, I just smiled and slept all the day the next day because I could finally get some real rest and know that I could keep my job ! If you need a DUI attorney, call Mr. Woods ASAP! I hope I never get in trouble again, but if anybody I know needs an attorney I'm making them call Mr. Woods. He was awesome !


5.0 stars

Posted by Rosa 

I was so stress out one day and I went out for some drinks and just had one to many I was stop and off to jail I went for the night while in that jail cell all night I pray to my Jesus to please get me out of the mess That I got myself into got out the next morning worry about what was going to happen to me well to make a story short got on line ask for information Mr Woods call me back I had faith in My Jesus that he was the one that had Mr Woods call me With me not only Trust in God But trusting in Mr Woods He Had all every single charge thrown out nothing on my record He is the most Trustworthy, Knowledgeable person that I have Meet he kept in informed of everything of my case not once did I call him and he didn't answer would I recommend he YES..... HE IS A BLESSING not only would he be My Lawyer for life but he will always Be My Friend For life


5.0 stars

Posted by William 

Several months ago, I made a bad choice, this is not the first time I made a bad choice, but this choice I made landed me in jail. It was late, and I had a few drinks, maybe one to many. On the way home, I ran off the side of the road, lost control and hit a telephone pole. I realized I was in some serious trouble.

The police came, asked alot of questions: Have you been drinking? Yes. How much have you had to drink? 6: 2 before dinner, two during dinner and two after dinner. After failing the sobriety test (which I don't think anyone has ever passed), off to jail I went in cuffs.

It was a cold miserable night, and the next day was not much better. I was fortunate to be out by 7 pm the next evening (which was too long). The next day, I was on the internet researching what was going to happen to me. It was not a good feeling, suspended license, ADSAP, court, fines, records etc etc..

The big question "SHOULD I GET A LAWYER, OR NOT"? After doing some research, I came across Fred Woods Jr.. He had videos up on YouTube which I found very hopeful. I called Mr. Woods and he reassured me, that he could help and get me off the DUI Charge.

I blew a 1.6, double over the limit, I had no priors, and have been a model citizen in a sense, good job, family etc. At 42, I admit I was scared, worried and stressed. But Mr. Woods lived up to his word.

He took care of everything. I never appeared in court, I never took ADSAP and I accepted the plea of Reckless Driving with a fine less than $500.00 to the court.

I learned my lesson, I will not Drink and Drive again,(a taxi is much cheaper). I made a bad choice that night, alot of people do it and get away with it. That night I didn't. However, the next day I made a good choice: Fred Woods, actually he is a great choice. If you find yourself in a similar situation, do not hesitate to call Woods Law Firm. He saved me alot of worry, stress and loss with his expertise. Get an Expert, Get Fred Woods, he knows the D.U.I. laws.

Thank you Fred Woods Jr. for all you did to get my life back on track after being derailed by a DUI.

About Mr. Woods

5.0 stars

Posted by Rodger 

To put it simply, Mr. Woods is the greatest attorney that you can have on your side. When I chose him, I was scared about my future. Mr. Woods not only showed care and compassion, he showed what a decent human being he is. Mr. Woods was there for me any time i needed him, and with a powerful and commanding voice, explained the process we would go through. Mr. Woods is confident, he has decades of experience, and he stands his ground to fight for you. He had my charges dropped before it even went to court. Do not hesitate to have Mr. Woods represent you. His motto is "Justice on your side" and he is a man of his word. Thank you, Mr. Woods.

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