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When your license is taken from you after a DUI arrest, you want it back. In our state, there is not a vast network of subways our the public transportation available in major U.S. cities, most of us drive to where we want to go. Often times, it can be extremely difficult to make it from your home to the grocery store without calling a taxicab, Uber or a Lyft driver to get you there if your license is suspended. Additionally, South Carolina law provides that when your are stopped for a DUI and you blow over a .15 BAC level or refuse to take the BAC test, your license can be automatically revoked. The officer on the side of the road will not tell you that you can get your driving privileges back in less than a week, but you can.  

When our clients' licenses are taken away, we file to get it back quickly. We attend the administrative hearings, talk to the officer and the administrative law judge and represent you from the beginning to the end so that you can drive again and get yourself to where you need to go with your driving privileges.  We work fast, we have to, the law only gives you up to 30 days after an arrest to file for your license or you lose that right. Don't get caught outside the deadline time, call us today at 864-810-0384 to get help to drive right away.


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